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drama in education

The benefits of theatre education for the students

The students who are all involved in the drama performance usually they do some practice and school institutions and teachers know the importance of drama in education. There are huge numbers of studies which have demonstrated an association between the academic and drama involvement achievements. Additionally with the higher standardized academic scores, every student should also need to involve themselves in such kinds of the arts and drama performance.

Those who are all participating in the drama will often experience the enhanced reading comprehension, generally stay more engaged in the school than their academic counterparts and also maintain the best attendance records. This is why it is highly crucial to look for the schools which include the arts-integrated programs even in the low-income areas and also for getting higher academic achievements.

theatre education

Important things to know:

  • The students who are all involved in the drama performance actually scored 5 points average that is higher on the verbal component and also 35.5 points higher in the math component of the SAT examination.
  • In the year 2005, the students involved in the various kinds of the drama performance outscored the national average score by 35 points in SAT exam on the verbal portion and also 24 points on the mathematics.
  • The students who took the courses in drama study or scored on average of 55 points higher on the verbal section and 26 points higher on the mathematics than their non-arts classmates.

This is why it is highly important to even consider the drama education along with the usual academic studies. There are huge benefits from the performing arts education for making a new path of a career in the future.

Building self-esteem through drama:

Additionally to build the communication and social skills, the involvement in the drama courses and also performance has been confirmed to enhance the overall self-esteem of the students and also their confidence in the academic skills. The high school students who are all highly involved in the drama education in fact demonstrate an improved self concept over those who are all not involved in it.

The performance of the drama act can surely help the students and also youths recognize their real potential for success and also enhance their overall confidence. Dramatic presentation of the available works and playwriting the original works can surely help building the best communication skills and also the of the high school students. In order to bridge the achievement gap, it is always the best chance to join the drama classes which focus closely on the varying abilities, geographies, socioeconomic status and also some other factors which may indirectly or directly affect the academic success of the students.

With all these reasons, theatre classroom has now become very famous among the several cities to teach the theatre arts including the classes, performance and also participation in the drama club. By this way, it is definitely the best source of gaining the , motivation and also reading proficiency.