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About theatrical stage makeup and hairstyle

Why the stage makeup is mandatory? There are several instances from dance competitions to theater performances.

Unlike the usual makeup, the stage makeup appears special under those dazzling lights and passionate. Even, artists with oily skin should also use a skin tone. First, use the moisturizer, put foundation and then use a foundation shade, which is darker than your skin. This stage makeup for theater will always work the best and also make sure to spread it in all over your face.

Generally, there is number of various factors to the stage makeup. Below are some of the basics of stage makeup that includes:

  • The foundations offer a base coat. Here, there are three forms available such as:
  • Crème foundations
  • Matte foundations
  • Color cake foundations
  • Highlight and shadow are applied after foundation in order to recreate the facial characteristics that are washed out by distance and lighting.
  • Under the foundation, you can apply concealer by using a flat or dome brush. Before applying foundation, you just mix together and then fine particles to some extent. For strong discoloration, you have to apply the extra layers of neutralizer very cautiously.
  • Rouge is available in either dry cake or cream type. Apply cream rouge by using fingertips. And then, apply dry cake rouge by using a full and soft brush.
  • Lipstick can be used to improve or mask lips.
  • The mascara is used to color the ends of lashes and also make them appear the eyes bigger as well as thicker.
  • Finally, powder can be used to setup the makeup factors that allow you get just on any appearance you may need.

Tips on applying stage makeup

Since the olden days, applying makeup on a face for the stage performance mainly focuses on the skin. Applying makeup for theater is mainly focusing on so many factors such as focus on cheeks, eyes and lips as well. Below are a few tips about how to apply stage makeup very properly that includes:

  • Initially, you have to apply cake foundation on a face including neck
  • When you use liquid foundation, you can make sure that is evenly applied
  • If you use two-way cake foundation, make sure to wet your face with sponge before applying
  • Also, make sure the color of your foundation perfectly matches your skin

theatrical stage makeup and hairstyle

Theater makeup tricks

When you apply theater makeup, first of all, you need to have the makeup toolbox that consists of items like sponges, puffs, powders, makeup colors, makeup brushes, foundation and also various hues of lip gloss and lipsticks as well. The makeup brushes and powder sponges are highly recommended in doing this theatrical stage makeup, which accomplish very satisfactory results.

Overall, before applying any kind of makeup, you can simply utilize a moisturizer on your skin. This would supports you to last for a long time and also would not keep your skin very dry.