Vehicle inspection before travel

Making sure your vehicle is in top shape before hitting the road is very important.

Always check your tires and make sure there is a good amount of tread left. Not enough tread can cause traction issues especially when conditions are wet or muddy. Your air pressure should also be at what is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Do these simple things and you won’t get a flat tire while traveling.

It is a good idea to inspect your engine before going anywhere. Check your oil and make sure the level is in the safe zone. Also see that the oil is not too dirty and doesn’t need to be changed. Check your coolant level and make sure it is the in the safe zone as well. Power steering and brake fluids should be checked and topped off if needed.

Look for leaks under the car. If you see any leaks be sure to have them fixed as a small leak could become a big one down the road and cause huge problems for you. Being stranded far away from home is not fun and can prove to be very costly or even deadly.

Make sure your heater and a/c work good too. It only takes a second. You’d be glad you did.

Following these tips before traveling in your vehicle can save you alot of possible hassle during your trip.

Here is a YouTube video to further assist.



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